Zohar Kfir

Title: Sometime.Somewhere.
Directed and produced by Zohar Kfir
Found footage, Quebec
Sound: Zohar Kfir
Voice over: Text for Nothing #8, Samuel Beckett
The making of Americans, Gertrude Stein
Duration: 06:38
Format: digital transfer from film 4:3
Language: English
Production date: 2009
Production country: Canada
Distribution: Groupe Intervention Video, Montréal

This is a fragment of a story about birth and death. The reconstruction and the history of a family’s progress, elements of becoming, childhood and growing older, as time and visions of nothingness burden each voice.

Zohar Kfir is a Montréal-based video artist working with experimental video, interactive art, and installation. Her artistic practice stems from her own contemplative engagement with the lived environment, with a particular focus on the dynamic between growth and decay and on the paradox of creating digital representations of natural phenomena. Zohar has shown her work internationally in galleries and at video festivals, including Transmediale [2003-2004]; NYUFF; FACT Liverpool; ICA Center for the arts in Boston; Makor Gallery in NYC; Jerusalem Film Festival; 56th Oberhausen Film Festival and most recently was a finalist at the Biennale Internationale des Poètes MAC/VAL museum, France.

North American Distribution Groupe Intervention Video [http://www.givideo.org]


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