Sylvia Donis

Title: Des plumes en enfer / Feathers in hell
Directed and produced by Sylvia Donis
Duration: 03:29
Format: Scanned Super 8
Language: Italian and French
Subtitles: without subtitles
Production date: 2014
Production country: France

Des plumes en enfer / Feathers in hell
Ends of super 8 films, dazzling and suggestive pictures marking the tempo of a voice that tells the death of love.

Translation of spoken words:
Hello, is it you ? Hello, is it you ?
I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear anything. Hello ! Hello !
I can hear you from very far.
Yes, I hear you very badly. Hello !
Oh ! Hello, tell me. Yes ? What ? No, not me.
Yes. I’m just arriving.
Why ? Did you call me ?
Oh, no ! I had gone out.
It must be… It’s 11:30.
I’m very strong. I’m very brave.
Hel…! Hello ! Hel…! Hello ! Hello, I can’t hear anything, hello ! Hello, can you hear me ? Hello, I’m here. I’m here, yes.
Yes, hello. Hello, yes.
Nothing, nothing, nothing. You ? No, darling. You are wrong. You are wrong. How ?
Hello ? What are you doing ? I don’t hear you anymore. Repeat. Tell me.
Hello. Hello. Hello. Hello ! Hello ! Hello !! Hello !!! Hello !!! Hello !!!!!
Hello ! Hello ! Hel…!
My love. My love.
Hello. Hello. Is it you, my love ? I don’t interrupt you.
No, no, I wasn’t waiting. Yes, I understand…. You are sweet, you are adorable…

Translation of written text:
Man’s and woman’s sexual organs are attracted to each other like a magnet only through the introduction between them of a web of uncertainties ceaselessly renewed, a real unloosing of hummingbirds which would have gone to hell to have their feathers smoothed.
André Breton, Mad love
And with Anna Magnani’s voice from L’amore (Una voce humana) by Roberto Rossellini