Summart, Istanbul

 27 May 2015  7 – 9pm


untitled #44 1:43
Stefan Riebel (Germany)

City 2:00
Umut Demirelli (Turkey)

Hassan et Amira – Lettre/s d’hôtel/s 5:00
Gesa Matthies (France)

A Drone Wrapped Up in Flying Carpets 6:00
Riaz Mehmood (Pakistan / Canada)

Secret Codes 4:35
Barbara Rosenthal (USA)

My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day 6:00
Heba Amin (Egypt)

8 crossings 5:20
Pauliina Salminen (Finland)

Walk of the Three Chairs 10:00
Breda Breban (Serbia / UK)

From Tiziano Vecellio to Barnett Newman and back 4:00
Peter Wareing (New Zealand)

An Ocean Between Us 6:23
Mónica de Miranda (Portugal)

5 lessons and 9 questions about Chinatown 10:00
Shelly Silver (USA)

Sometime.Somewhere 6:30
Zohar Kfir (Israel / Canada)

ECHO-LOGO (Polar Projects) 7:49
Phil Dadson (New Zealand)

Training 1:00
Daniel Rumiancew (Poland)

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