Greetings from the 5th floor of the Yeha guest house and gallery, Seoul, a great base camp for our onward adventure, currently shared with NDHeaders Park Byoung-Uk (Korea), Susanne Muller, Daniela de Maddalena (Switzerland), Gabriel Adams (US) and Ola Janik and Magda Hlawacz (Poland). Susanne and Gabriel had an opening at the CY gallery last night. Performance artist Hyosung Pang invited us to a traditional meal in a tiny restaurant for traditional Bibimbap, one of Korea’s many delicious dishes. Tropical temps bring a sauna like feel to Seoul in comparison with the UK. We’re about to fly to Ulaanbaatar with the further prospect of nights in yurts, Ger in Mongolian, and myriad stars under desert skies.

Park Byoung Uk, Gabriel Adams, Susanne Muller at CY

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