Schlachten – Displaced, Luckenwalde, Germany

The tent auditorium, Mendelsohnhalle, 28.06.15

Two afternoon screenings in the Schlachten “Difference Screen – Displaced” presentation in Luckenwalde at the end of June 2015 crystallised my views on immigration policy in the EU and USA. Believing as I do that international policy pursued by the USA, NATO and their allies over the last 50 years is substantially the reason for the current strife in the middle east and to a significant degree in Africa, I now see that the only moral position for the west is to welcome all immigrants and refugees.

My growing awareness over the last few years that a large proportion of current global difficulties arise out of the concentration of power into the hands of too few people who do not have the interests of the majority, human, animal or biosphere, at heart has made me realise that vast numbers of us across the world are under attack from the same forces. This shows the importance and urgent need for cross cultural links. Powerful films which show the realities are important calls to arms for us all and artist and cultural producers must look beyond their own community to forge new links with unions and workers worldwide.

Andrew Darke

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