Peter Wareing

Title: From Tiziano Vecellio to Barnett Newman and back
Duration: 03:58
Format: digital transfer from 8mm film
Language: English
Production date: 2007
Production country: New Zealand
Acknowledgements:. Circuit Artist Film & Video NZ
Distribution: CIRCUIT NZ

From Tiziano Vecellio to Barnett Newman and back references two historical pictorial traditions that are dialectically different and echoes the artist’s estranged stance on returning to New Zealand for a visit after many years living in New York. The film seeks a structural synthesis to this dialectical tension that in turn poses new internal contradictions.

Peter Wareing graduated from the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts in Christchurch in 1980 and attended The New York Studio School for Painting, Drawing and Sculpture in 1981-82. In the early 1990s he studied film production and film studies at Film/Video Arts, School of Visual Arts, The New School for Social Research, and acting technique and scene studies at HB Studios, in New York City.

“In producing moving image work of varying durations and format, using the long take as well as montage as strategies, my aim is to question rather than augment the plenitude of electronic imagery we are now inundated with: sometimes stressing my own presence in the videos as a vehicle for investigating subjective relations to power and place, often inserting personal scenes with documentary footage to interrogate the complex relationship of aesthetics within a larger struggle for social change. There is a need to make the viewer aware of the screen as the first condition, and only then can the question of content be addressed via this portal, making as transparent as possible my hand behind the image.” – Peter Wareing

Wareing’s film/ video work has been screened in festivals and museums in the US, Europe and New Zealand.


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