Nine Dragon Heads

Difference Screen travels to Ulaanbaatar and Seoul in association with Nine Dragon Heads Nomadic Party #3. The screenings at the Mongolian National Modern Art Gallery are part of the NDH exhibition Ger to Ger. Nomadic Party #3 continues through Mongolia as a rolling symposium before returning to South Korea where Difference Screen programmes will be shown on 7th September at ARKO, Seoul, the gallery of the Arts Council of Korea. Many thanks to Park Byoung-Uk, Founder of Nine Dragon Heads for setting up these possibilities.

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Nine Dragon Heads

Nine Dragon Heads brings together artists from many countries with the aim of stimulating creativity and mutual understanding through shared experience. Founded in 1995 Nine Dragon Heads is an on-going  project with an international and transdisciplinary artistic character committed to exploratory and polemic forms of artistic expression. Over the past 18 years Nine Dragon Heads has established and maintained a multi-national community of creative practitioners who share and continue to develop the values of the project. Based on communication and cooperation, Nine Dragon Heads promotes the concept of an open and reciprocal structure for which all participants have a responsibility.

‘Nomadic Party’

‘Nomadic Party’ is a collective action and journey planned by Nine Dragon Heads participants that explores and aims to find and extend the expressive layers derived from researching and networking of diverse environmental, city and community experiences through art interventions, performances, installations, notations etc. This embodies the value of genuine mutual communication in creative practice.

‘Nomadic Party 2010’ traversed the Seoul and Chinese Silk Road from Beijing to Tian Shan.

‘Nomadic Party 2012’ traversed the Istanbul and Uzbekistan Silk Road from Tashkent to Khiva, (Karakalpakstan) and Aral Sea, continuing to Tbilisi, Georgia.

‘Nomadic Party 2013’

‘Nomadic Party 2013’ will start with a Indoor Exhibition “ Ger to Ger ” at the Mongolian National Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar and then travel through Mongolia to the Great Siberian Taiga Forests (called Khovsgol) and Gobi Desert continuing to to Seoul, South Korea. The underlying motivation and feeling for the future that brings each artist to engage with Nine Dragon Heads also encourages them to work together, learn from one another and seek new ecological models for a peaceful and respectful relationship with the natural environment through their different art practices. Along the journey small exhibition events, collaborations and interactions will take place both discretely and in public. Finally, in Korea, ‘Nomadic Party 2013′ will be completed and celebrated with an exhibition, performances, artists’ talks and presentations; a culmination of the many ‘pop up’ events from Ulaanbaatar through Mongolia to Korea that together create a conceptual ‘Nomadic Festival Plaza’.

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