Nadia Tsulukidze, Ana and Sophia Tabatadze

Title: Georgian National Anthem
Duration: 01:18
Format: DV 4:3
Language: Georgian
Production date: 2006
Production country: Georgia

Georgian National Anthem

In 2005 Sophia Tabatadze (1977, visual arts) and Nadia Tsulukidze (1976, performing arts/contemporary dance) started working together and combining different art disciplines. These are visual, media, movement, music and speech art forms combined in polyphonic way. In our performance/installations different disciplines play equal roles. The forms are there to supplement and support content and form rather than illustrate or decorate each other. The performances are always site-specific. Each performance is different depending on their reaction as well as characteristics of the space we use. Given that in the past few years borders between different disciplines within the contemporary art became thinner relevance and importance to create interdisciplinary projects grew. The themes of performances deal with social events surrounding us. The problems are not approached directly and aggressively but they go through the artistic processes and gain weight, humor and importance as we go along. The dramaturgy is based on the abstract principle and develops during the working process, mirroring specific social situations. We do not use written scenario beforehand. The themes like male-female dependence, cultural and professional habits, questioning the Georgian toasting traditions, growing importance of the religion in Georgia, the blind copy-pasting from the West etc. are worked on and brought into the discussion.


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