Luca Wyss

Title: omelia agli ucelli
Directed and produced by Luca Wyss
Actor: Sinan Eren Erk
Duration: 09:00
Format: HD video
Language: Italian
Subtitles: French / English
Production date: 2012
Production country: France / Italy / Turkey

omelia agli ucelli / preach to the birds

To preach to the birds, to convince them to disseminate the narratives of those who speak less, to carry the news of the current sinking. Birds are radio waves. They bring theses, stories in unexpected places. “When the cruel wind dismantles the seas, blurs the skies, brings down the mountains, devours the cities, destroys the provinces, it makes the world a shipwreck.”

Luca Wyss works between Paris, Istanbul and Buenos Aires. His work explores the fictions of everyday life, as gestures, words, rhythms, which emancipate people. This research uses documentary video, performance and cooking as main practices. Luca Wyss is part of the collectives Matahambre (Buenos Aires) and Les Inquiets (Paris). Ffi:


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