Koka Ramishvili (Georgia), Patricia London ante Paris (Germany), Nika Machaidze (Georgia)

Title: Tender, Transitory, Transport
Duration: 11:04
Visuals: Koka Ramishvili
Spoken text: Patricia London ante Paris
Music: Nika Machaidze
Format: digital video 4:3
Language: English
Production date: 2008
Production country: Georgia
Acknowledgements: Commissioned for the Festival of Cinema and Video Art from Georgia, Bristol, UK 2008

Tender Transitory Transport
Touching on Tbilisi’s place in the world text spoken by Patricia London ante Paris speaks of love, isolation and black holes of banking. Tender Transitory Transport fragments Tbilisi in a sequence of rotating windows that are both sensuous and forbidding as they reveal then conceal vistas of the city like an optical key.” James Norton, Cinema and Video Art from Georgia.

Koka Ramishvili bio http://www.kokaramishvili.org/bio.html
Nika Machaidze www.last.fm/music/Nikakoi


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