Igor Grubic

Title: Capitalism follows Socialism
Author: Igor Grubic
Duration: 11:40
Format: dv original format – photography
Sound: without sound
Text: English text
Production date: 2015
Production country: Croatia
Production: Kreativni Sindikat
Special thanks: Tajana Pavic, Josko Gamberozic

Capitalism follows Socialism

The film Capitalism follows Socialism deals with Croatian reality in the 1990s where privatization led citizens to the edge of poverty. To emphasize the dramatic reality of the action, this experimental documentary consists of a series of photographs taken from the artist’s window and text comments without sound.

The stylistic approach refers to Cine-Tracts, realised in 1968 by the group of authors (Chris Marker, Jean-luc Godard, Alain Resnais..) with the intention of inspiring civil activism.


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