Ian Joyce

Title: Finding my own tongue
Directed and produced by Cló & The Living Archive
Duration: 08:00
Format: digital video 4:3
Language: Gaelic / English
Production date: 1999
Production country: Ireland

Finding my own tongue
“This video/sound piece overlays songs of the sean-nós tradition with images of the human body and elements of the remote landscape where the artist settled with his family in 1998. While the starting point of the work is a language threatened with extinction, it tries to convey through analogy the marvelous fecundity at the heart of human expression.”

Ian Joyce was born in Dublin and grew up in County Cork, Rep. of Ireland. He studied at University College Dublin and at the Frei Universität and Hochschule der Künste, Berlin and received a higher Diploma in Education from Trinity College Dublin(1984). In 1998 he founded Cló and the Living Archive at Mín an Leá, County Donegal.