Heba Amin

Title: My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day
Directed and produced by Heba Amin
Voice from Speak2Tweet February 8, 2011 translation from “Alive in Egypt” http://alive.in
Sound: Marc Fantini
Duration: 6:18
Format: original format Super 8mm
Language: Egyptian
Subtitles: English
Production date: 2011
Production country: Egypt
Special thanks: Hatem Hassan, Mauro Martinuz,

My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day

On January 27th, 2011 Egyptian authorities succeeded in shutting down the country’s international internet access points in response to growing protests. Over one weekend, a group of programmers developed a platform called Speak2Tweet that would allow Egyptians to post their breaking news on Twitter via voicemail despite internet cuts. The result was thousands of heartfelt messages from Egyptians recording their emotions by phone. .

This experimental film presents a selected Speak2Tweet message of a man professing his love to Egypt prior to the fall of the Mubarak regime on February 11, 2011 and juxtaposes it with the abandoned structures that represented the long-lasting effects of a corrupt dictatorship.

Heba Amin is an Egyptian artist whose work seeks to map collective memory as it relates to the built environment. Her theoretical and studio-based work addresses themes related to urban planning, mapping, migration/immigration and language as an aesthetic database to explore junctures, failures, and flawed memory. She works in an archival nature, drawing from collections of work to reconfigure and make meaning of the subject through different materials, most often manifesting as video, installation, and projection performance. Amin is a current DAAD scholar and lives in Berlin.


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