Gabriela Golder

Title: Heroica
Directed and produced by Gabriela Golder
Texts: Luisa Garcia, Olinda Godoy, Carmen Meza, Juana Sosa
Idea: Silvina Cafici, Marita Carozzi, Gabriela Golder
Script: Silvina Cafici, Marita Carozzi
Realisation: Silvina Cafici, Gabriela Golder
Duration: 10:19
Format: mini DV, 4:3
Language: Spanish
Subtitles: English
Production date: 1999
Production country: Argentina


Monument: Of the private thing to the public. Anonymous women, women between hung sheets who imagine monuments. Four women. Four histories interconnected in a silent and private choreography, live with their memories within the everyday life of a foreign country. Their relationships are silent but at the same tine, deeply expressive. They tell of the experience of being immigrants trying to set a new life up faraway from their beloved relativities and their country. A piece of urban anthropology.


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