Elene Asatiani, Eliane Bots, Miroslav Koranda, Sophia Tabatdze

Title: Gulo
Duration: 15:00
Format: HD video
Language: Georgian
Subtitles: English
Production date: 2011
Production country: Georgia
Acknowledgements: Plotki (Rejs e.V.) / Berlin, Sakdoc Film/ Tbilisi and the Centre for Arts and Culture at the Central European University/ Budapest
Funded by: European Cultural Foundation, Open Society

Gulo is a film that researches the line between death and life and visualizes the theatrical happenings and settings surrounding burial rituals. Often death is presented as an ending of life, something feared by people. Instead, this film shows the diverse approaches to death and the thoughts of people who are directly connected to the passageway between life and death.
“Death no longer interests me. I wish I had a different life, I want to be on stage.”

‘Gulo’ was shot in Kutaisi, Georgia in 2011.

The film was the outcome of a short film project run by Plotki/Rejs e.V, Berlin and Sacdoc,Tbilisi. The project gathered experienced and non-experienced young people from 10 different countries for a two-week project in Georgia and for a one week post production in Budapest, Hungary. www.plotki.net


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