Difference Screen, Cube Bristol – Programme

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1.00pm Registration, refreshments

1.30pm – Introduction 20 minsAims, screenings and countries – Bruce Allan, Ben EastopIdentity, culture, difference – From the Fabric of Things – Gareth Evans

1.50pm – Screening – Landscape and identity 1
Sounds from Beneath Mikhail Karikis and Uriel Orlow 6:47
5 lessons and 9 questions about Chinatown Shelly Silver 10:00
Staging Actors, Staging Beliefs Renata Poljak 12:00
Hollywood Daniel Brefin 12:20

2.35pm Questions and discussion (15mins)

2.50pm – Screening – Landscape and identity 2
Travelling Fields – Inger Lise Hansen 8:40
Mumbaikar Ganesh – Collin D’Cunha 5:10
Friends He Lost At Sea – Henrik Lund Jørgensen 5:32
A Drone Wrapped Up in Flying Carpets – Riaz Mehmood 6:06
Mantra – Gordana Andjelic-Galic 5:30
Collective Breath – Neville Gabie 6:45

3.30pm Questions and discussion (15mins)

30min interval

4.15pm Screening – Conflict and Migration 1
Speechless Salomé Jashi 12:0
Seeds Shahar Marcus 5:03
Kinshasa 2.0 Teboho Edkins 11:07

4.45pm Questions and discussion (10mins)

4.55pm – Screening – Conflict and Migration 2
Stand Here! Csaba Nemes 6:00
Migration Standards Borjana Ventzislavova 5:24
My Love for you Egypt increases by the day Heba Amin 6:18
The Woman in Pants Abounaddara 4:15
Syria: Snapshots of History in the making Abounaddara 1:09
Prayer in the Dark Abounaddara 1:35

Brief break (10mins)

5.30pm Questions and discussion (20mins)

6.00pm CLOSE

Carmen Billows, Independent curator for artists’ moving image.
Mercedes Vicente, Curator, writer and PhD Candidate, RCA.
Bruce Allan, Artist, co-curator Difference Screen
Ben Eastop, Independent arts facilitator, co-curator Difference Screen
Moderated by Gareth Evans, Film Curator, Whitechapel Gallery

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