Anna Abrahams 

5 Walks hercynia silva
15 mins 31 secs HD video

The horror and grandeur of the last remnants of Northern European primary forest conjure up a history of hunting, fleeing and meetings with magical creatures. [More…..]

Heba Amin
My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day

6mins 18secs. Super 8mm (subtitles)

A selected Speak2Tweet message of a man professing his love to Egypt prior to the fall of the Mubarak regime on February 11, 2011, juxtaposed with the abandoned structures that represented the long lasting effects of a corrupt dictatorship [More…..]

Gordana Andjelic-Galic

5mins 30secs DV

I walk down this empty and lonely but freshly paved stretch of the road carrying a Bosnian state flag. During my journey, other flags, which historically represented Bosnia and Herzegovina, any of its constitutive nations or from decisive historical periods of ruling ideologies, are handed to me at regular intervals [More…..]


19mins 20secs HD

The performance of washing Bosnian flags soaked in blood, which have represented the Bosnian State or its ideology throughout its stormy history, was not made by accident in 2011 [More…..]

Tserenpil Ariuntugs
Traffic Light in Shadow
2mins 9secs DV

Reflections on central Ulaanbaatar as the nomadic way of life changes to an urban society [More…..]

Herman Asselberghs 


23mins 16:9

The Spanish enclave Ciudad Autonoma de Ceuta stands midway
between a city and an autonomous community with a Parliament and
president of its own. Formerly an administrative part of the Spanish
province of Cadiz, Ceuta, situated along the coast of Morocco, is now
fully part of the European Union. This vanguard of European neoliberal
and xenophobic refugee policy acts as a contemporary version
of the ‘Iron Curtain’.

Breda Beban
Walk of the Three Chairs
10:00 loop

Walk of the Three Chairs revels in the joyous, uplifting sense of self-affirmation that love can instill. This atmospheric 10-minute film (shot by the renowned cinematographer Robby Muller) follows Beban as she drifts down the Danube on the outskirts of Belgrade [More…..]

Daniel Brefin
12mins 20secs. DV PAL 4:3 (subtitles)

Kutaisi, Georgia, a former open air cinema has been transformed into a church where a projection screen is still visible. By means of cinematically animated photography and interviews Hollywood approaches the dreams, hopes and fears of local people. [More…..]

Bruce Checefsky
4mins 36secs

Pharmacy is based on Stefan and Francizsk Themersons influential 1930 abstract photogram film APTEKA. The Themerson’s are considered the most influential filmmakers of the Polish avant-garde of pre-WWII Europe. [More…..]

Meng Yeh Chou
39secs. 4:3

Experimental video made in reaction to an experience on a shopping trip in the USA. [More…..]

Hubert Czerepok
Reaching the Stars, directed by Hubert Czerepok, Wojtek Kocołowski
25mins. digital video from found film. 4:3 (subtitles)

A tribute to the makers of the Polish meteorological rocket program, the film has been edited from forgotten footage documenting the building of rockets which, in 1970, reached the magical border of 100 km and went into space. As Poland became the fifth space empire, the program was shut down by Russia. [More…..]

Phil Dadson
ECHO-LOGO (Polar Projects)
7mins 49secs. Digital video

A stand alone work of a sound-echo performance beneath the 30-metres high ice-face of the Canada glacier, located in the dry valley environment of Taylor Valley, Antarctica. [More…..]

Andrew Darke 

18mins 16:9

Ownership – “if we don’t believe in it – then already we are living outside of it.” Hannah, member of the Yorkley Court Community Farm speaks of the ‘con – cept’ which currently blights millions of lives. [More…..]

Umut Demirelli

2mins 6secs 16:9

Space, form, colour, light

A projection of elements shaped by the city’s physical structure and memory, an engram of the city. A residual engram transformed by the artist as a form of perception.

Sylvia Donis
Des plumes en enfer
3mins 29secs Scanned Super 8

Ends of super 8 films, dazzling and suggestive pictures marking the tempo of a voice that tells the death of love.

Teboho Edkins
Kinshasa 2.0
11mins 7secs HD

An Internet campaign helps in the release of a presidential candidate jailed for talking openly about the lack of democracy. Moving between a militarised Kinshasa and Second Life, (a 3D virtual chat program), the subversive power of the Internet for democracy is explored while painting a disquieting portrait of an African Capital. [More…..]

Neville Gabie

Collective Breath
6 mins 45 secs edited (49 mins 45 secs unedited) 16:9

During four days of the WOMAD music festival [2014] Neville Gabie and his team collected the breath of 1111 [one thousand, one hundred and eleven] people in individual 3 litre bags. [More…..]

Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi
The Day I Disappeared
61mins. HD video (subtitles)

A poetic journey through the contemplations of a former refugee, an interior monologue details how she became a stranger, her trip through Europe and her arrival in a land completely unknown to her. [More…]

Gabriela Golder

10mins 19secs mini DV, 4:3 (subtitles)

Anonymous women, women between hung sheets who imagine monuments. Four women. Four histories interconnected in a silent and private choreography, live with their memories within the everyday life of a foreign country. [More…..]

Igor Grubic

Capitalism follows Socialism
11mins 40secs dv original format – photography

The film Capitalism follows Socialism deals with Croatian reality in the 1990s where privatization led citizens to the edge of poverty. [More…..]

Adad Hannah
Russian KAMA3
3mins 31secs. HD video

Produced in Russia as part of a body of impromptu tableaux vivants taking inspiration from early photography where viewers had to stand still for up to twenty minutes per exposure. [More…..]

Alexander Hahn
Shades of Grey 1
58secs. HD video

Video vignette shot through a train window travelling through the Baden-Württemberg landscape near Karlsruhe, which, in retrospect, felt like a portent of death. [More…..]

Inger Lise Hansen
Travelling Fields
8mins,40secs. 35mm/HD video, shot on S-16mm

Altered perspective and animated camera movements redefine place and geography as the film moves between different topographies and locations in the Kola Peninsula, Northern Russia. [More…..]

Salomé Jashi
12mins 16:9

The 2008 Georgian War resulted in the deaths of several hundred people and expulsion of tens of thousands from South Ossetia. [More…..]

Henrik Lund Jørgensen
Friends He Lost At Sea
5mins 32secs HD

In his video Friends He Lost at Sea, Danish artist Henrik Lund Jørgensen takes up the subjects and compositions of two of Michael Ancher’s most well-known works: Will He Round the Point? (1879) and The Crew is Saved (1894). Both paintings are re-enacted in the manner of a tableau vivant [More…..]

Ian Joyce
Finding my own tongue
Directed and produced by Cló & The Living Archive.
8mins. digital video 4:3

This video/sound piece overlays songs of the sean-nós tradition with images of the human body and elements of the remote landscape where the artist settled with his family in 1998. While the starting point of the work is a language threatened with extinction, it tries to convey through analogy the marvelous fecundity at the heart of human expression. [More…..]

Mikhail Karikis and Uriel Orlow
Sounds from Beneath
6mins 47secs HD video

Sounds from Beneath centers around a sound work for which the artist Mikhail Karikis asked a community of a coal miners’ choir to recall and vocalise the industrial sounds of a working coal mine. [More…..]

Anton Kats

Radio Delo
13mins Digital video

Radio Delo draws upon the everyday life of an 83-year-old Ukrainian man, who as a minor lied about his age in order to volunteer for war against Germany as a wireless radio operator. Still bound to the radio 66 years later, the stories of his life during war and afterwards mingle with the absurd and incredible news that are heard from the radio playing. [More…..]

Zohar Kfir
6mins 38secs digital transfer from film 4:3

This is a fragment of a story about birth and death. The reconstruction and the history of a family’s progress, elements of becoming, childhood and growing older, as time and visions of nothingness burden each voice. [More…..]

Kim Kielhofner

Friday Vacation
2mins 46secs 16:9

The archives of the National Naval Institute were founded in 1985 after the donation of the personal effects of Robin Quickly.   [More…..]

Thomas Kilpper
Al Hissan – The Jenin Horse
26mins 37secs. Digital video 4:3

A horse, five metres tall, built out of scrounged metal taken from destroyed houses and cars during workshops with Palestinian youth in Ramalla, is towed through the streets of Jenin and later, almost 200 km away, through the occupied territories of the West Bank. [More…..]

Verena Kyselka

The Formosa Experiment
28mins 16:9

The situation on the small island in the South Pacific Ocean is getting worse. Memories of dictatorship and tyranny prevail. Protest is spreading. The entire world is in turmoil. [More…..]

Gesa Matthies
Hassan et Amira – Lettre/s d’hôtel/s
5 mins DV (subtitles)

In this film we see the signs of run-down hotels in the Marseille neighborhood of Belsunce. Their names write a farewell-letter on an old typewriter. We can imagine the rest: the immigrants, the stories and passed love. [More…..]

Riaz Mehmood
A Drone Wrapped Up in Flying Carpets
6mins 6secs. HD video 16:9 (subtitles)

An Afghan warrior action figurine acquires a more complex personality as he is transformed from a one-dimensional target of vilification to an ‘everyday’ human in search of meaning. [More…..]

Mónica de Miranda

An Ocean Between Us
6mins 23secs 16:9 diptych

An Ocean Between Us deals in spatial ambiguity with melancholic undertones: ships for maritime travel become stages where symbolic umbilical cords unite the lost parts: an ocean and a river, a mother and a daughter, a lost love, and the promise of a re-encounter are the elements of a catharsis. [More…..]

Anna Molska
1min 32secs SP Beta

Perspective was created during annual workshops in Dłużewo attended by artists affiliated with the studio of Professor Grzegorz Kowalski [More…..]

Laura Mulvey

23rd August 2008
22 mins HD video

23rd August 2008 consists of two shots. A brief opening shot, intercut with inter-titles, of the famous Al Mutanabbi Street book market in Baghdad is followed by an unbroken eighteen-minute monologue, shot from a single, still camera position and simply recording the speaker’s words without interruption. [More…..]

Csaba Nemes

8mins animation to video

An animation film made in connection with a social structure: a miners’ estate. A graphic series using mixed techniques served as the basis of the film. [More…..]

Csaba Nemes

Stand Here!
6mins puppet-film, 16 mm transfer to video, subtitles

Stand Here! is a puppet animation. The script provides a brief, concise and accurate summary of one of the most prevalent prejudices against Romani people: an inclination to theft. [More…..]

Trinh Thi Nguyen
Chronicle of a Tape Recorded Over
25mins. Digital video 4:3 (subtitles)

A journey over the Vietnam War’s notorious Ho Chi Minh Trail. Local villagers contribute their tales, merging reality with fiction in the film-maker’s search for the meaning of collective cultural memory. [More…..]

Sophie Nys
Lénine en pensant
6mins 36secs. digital transfer from 8mm 4:3 (subtitles)

Conversations between Lenin and the German communist Clara Zetkin in the 1920s return time and again to the subject of woman’s place within the broader framework of proletarian revolution: questions and answers seemingly originate from within Lenin’s head. [More…..]

Alina Ozerova

double F for Final Fantasy
7mins 8mm transfer to digital, color/black and white, sound

In 1980 a tourist voyage of a family reached the outer folds of Iron Curtain. 8mm camera was brought to document both intimate and typical moments of the tour. 35 years later the film footage is digitized and parts of it are lost. [More…..]

Renata Poljak
Skok / Jump
4mins. Digital video 4:3 (subtitles)

The artist climbs a diving platform at the coast wearing a bathing suit, cap and make-up. She walks along the springboard, back and forth, repeating in French, “Shall I jump or not, shall I jump or not…”, then in Croatian “If I jump all my make-up will be removed” and starts to walk back and forth obsessively. [More…..]


Renata_smallx2Staging Actors / Staging Beliefs
12mins DV

The video revolves around the persona of Ivan Kojundzic.

As a child, Ivan Kojundzic became a widely popular face of the big screen; he embodied the historic persona of Boshko Buha in a homonymous Yugoslav feature film. Made in 1979, the film elaborated life, combat actions, bravery and heroic death in an ambush of this youngest of Partisans [More…..]

Koka Ramishvili (Georgia), Patricia London ante Paris (Germany),
Nika Machaidze (Georgia) 
Tender, Transitory, Transport
11mins 4secs. Digital video 4:3

Text by Patricia London ante Paris speaks of love, isolation and the black holes of banking. The film fragments Tbilisi in a sequence of rotating windows that are both sensuous and forbidding as they reveal then conceal vistas of the city like an optical key. [More…..]

Alexander Rekviashvili

Last People
61mins 35mm converted to video

Last People is a beautifully shot documentary portrait of Gebi, a high village in Upper Racha province, Georgia. Gebi is populated by old people and may be abandoned soon. [More…..]

Emily Richardson
Cobra Mist
6mins 45secs. Digital transfer from16mm anamorphic

Cobra Mist captures the enigmatic atmosphere of an abandoned military site at Orford Ness and the relationship between its landscape and its unusual military history, experiments in radar and the extraordinary architecture of the Atomic Weapons Research Establishment. [More…..]

Stefan Riebel
#44 & #50
1min 43secs and 1min. text based animation

These single pieces and series often operate between artistic action and everyday life, between poetic and context specific intervention, highly compatible on a mass media basis. [More…..]

Paul Rooney
9mins sound work with video

The partly sung, partly spoken female monologue that leads this sound piece is a verbal summary, from the point of view of a hotel maid, of the Brecht-Weill song ‘Pirate Jenny’, which is about a maid who looks out of her hotel window and imagines a ship that appears in the harbour, a ship that has come to avenge her suffering. [More…..]

Barbara Rosenthal
Secret Codes
4mins 35secs

SECRET CODES / GEHEIME VERSCHLUSSELUNGEN / BEHALTENER SIMBOLN, 2010. English, German, Yiddish. A predominantly grayscale image and text video that gives way to a startling color still [More…..]

Daniel Rumiancew
60secs HD video

Cinema of gestures, contradictory and ironically distanced from its very self. The short form captures the moment of arriving at an idea. [More…..]

Pauliina Salminen
8 crossings
5mins 20secs. digital video 4:3

Reflections on life in Guwahati, a city separated by the Brahmaputra river. One side is a village, the other a chaotic, fast growing metropolis. As crowded ferries ply between the banks, commuters stand on the roofs and tell their stories. [More…..]

Lina Selander
When the sun sets it’s all red, then it disappears
9mins 9secs DV 4:3 (subtitles)

Lina Selander explores images of and stories from 1968, the year of student revolt. Fact and fiction, poetry and politics, merge when photographed film sequences alternate with pictures from her private family album, documentations of the student rebellions in Paris and Stockholm, and famous press photos of a swimming Mao Zedong. [More…..]

Shoba Seric
It’s all just a little bit of history repeating
1mins 56secs DV

A looped video showing the Latin bridge over the Miljacka river in Sarajevo where Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria and his wife the Duchess Sophie were assassinated on June 28, 1914. [More…..]

Dan Shipsides
Coir’ a’ Ghrunnda 360
1min 55secs digital video 4:3

From a series of short landscape-based videos, Coir’ a’ Ghrunnda was made by attaching a modified camera to an eight-metre leash and whirling it through the space above and around the artist’s body. [More…..]

Shelly Silver
5 lessons and 9 questions about Chinatown
10mins HDV/HDCAM

10 square blocks, past, present, future, time, light, movement, immigration, exclusion, gentrification, racism, history, China, America, 3 languages, 13 voices, 152 years, 17,820 frames, 9 minutes, 54 seconds, 9 questions, 5 lessons, Chinatown [More…..]

Cordelia Swann
Desert Rose
26:00mins. digital transfer from 16mm

A voice-over relates the stories of people dying from radiation built up through the use of the desert near Las Vegas as a nuclear test site in the 1950s, when the whole place became a tourist attraction, with people being bussed in to gamble in the casinos and look at the explosions. [More…..]

Sophia Tabatadze
40mins 16:9

This film researches social and visual changes affecting Pirimze, a six-floor edifice from the Soviet era, built especially to house repair and maintenance services. The theme unfolds to a broader picture and shows what has been happening in Georgia since the collapse of the Soviet Union. [More…..]

Arpine Tokmajyan
A 3000 times walked way
7mins 15secs VHS transfer to DVD

There are some things that we have to do again and again. In this video I am expressing my feelings towards things that change/lose their ‘face’ because of repetition. [More…..]

Nadia Tsulukidze, Ana and Sophia Tabatadze
Georgian National Anthem
1min 18secs 4:3

Performing as Khinkalijuice Nadia Tsulukidze, Ana and Sophia Tabatadze play the Georgian National Anthem in locations that beg questions. [More…..]

Borjana Ventzislavova
High Blue Mountains, Rivers, and Golden Plains
11mins. HD video (subtitles)

Chalga is a Bulgarian version of turbo folk. Since the early 1990s, the driving, cheap Balkan sounds mixed with traditional drum rhythms and their aggressive obscene texts have been the mass market soundtrack for post-socialist life in Bulgaria. [More…..]

Borjana Ventzislavova

Migration Standards
5mins 24secs HD video

The repressive migration policy nowadays is an absurdity. It is contrary to the principles invoked by the EU: peace, democracy, solidarity, justice, respect for human rights and freedom of movement. It divides humanity into the rich, who can move freely, and those who have to remain in place. [More…..]

Peter Wareing
From Tiziano Vecellio to Barnett Newman and back
3mins 58secs. digital transfer from 8mm film

Two historical and dialectically different pictorial traditions echo the artist’s estranged stance on returning to New Zealand for a visit after many years living in New York. [More…..]

Guy Wouete

10mins 44secs HD video

A video based on a series of small video clips and photographs taken in immigrant camps and on the streets of Malta, all in slow motion. It combines a soundtrack litany specifically designed with images in order to lead the viewer into a factual reality far from a subjective construction. [More…..]

Guy Wouete

Next Week
4mins 49secs 16:9

The result of a research trip to three refugee camps in Malta, Next Week refers to the brutal Darwinism inherent to migrant realities. [More…..]

Luca Wyss
omelia agli ucelli
9 mins HD video (subtitles)

To preach to the birds, to convince them to disseminate the narratives of those who speak less, to carry the news of the current sinking. Birds are radio waves. They bring theses, stories in unexpected places. [More…..]

Elene Asatiani, Eliane Bots, Miroslav Koranda, Sophia Tabatdze
15mins. HD video

„Death no longer interests me. I wish I had a different life, I want to be on stage.”
Filmed in Kutaisi, Georgia, the film researches the line between death and life and visualises the theatrical happenings and settings surrounding burial rituals. [More…..]

Stephanie Endter, Max Kuzmenko, Lisa Müller, Ulrike Penk and Kajetan Tadrowski
Chiatura, my pride
13mins 43secs. HD video

Chiatura was once one of the most prosperous industrial cities in Georgia, boasting rich resources of manganese. With de-industrialisation the manganese industry shrank and Chiatura’s population halved, but many of the cable cars still run, establishing a net between the city and its people. [More…..]

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