Clearwell Caves, Forest of Dean, Gloucestershire, UK

Difference Screen Opening Event – 5th & 6th July 2013

FRIDAY 5 JULY  6pm – 10.00pm
6pm arrival short reception before programme begins

6.40pm programme 1
10 shorts 55.00 mins

Untitled #50 2009 1min 43secs
Stefan Riebel (Germany)
Lénine en pensant 2005 6mins 36secs
Sophie Nys (Belgium)
Coir’ a’ Ghrunnda 360 2007 2mins
Dan Shipsides (UK)
Cobra Mist 2008 6mins 45secs
Emily Richardson (UK)
From Tiziano Vecellio to Barnett Newman and back 2007 3mins 44secs
Peter Wareing (New Zealand)
Hollywood 2004 12mins 20secs
Daniel Brefin (Switzerland)
Russian KAMA3 2011 3mins 31secs
Adad Hannah (Canada)
Tournant 2005 39secs
Chou Meng Yeh (Taiwan)
High Blue Mountains, Rivers and Golden Plains 2009 11mins
Borjana Ventzislavova (Bulgaria)

Sometime.Somewhere2009 6mins 38secs
Zohar Kfir (Israel/Canada)

RUNNING TIME 55:00 1hr 10mins inc 15min interval (p1 ends 7.50pm)
8.05pm programme 2
The Day I Disappeared 2011 (Netherlands/Iran) 61mins
Atousa Bandeh Ghiasabadi (Iran/Netherlands)

move to upstairs cafe for refreshments
9.25pm – discussion and Q&A with filmmakers

CLOSE 10pm


SATURDAY 6 JULY  6 – 10.00pm 

6.40pm programme 3 

8 shorts 45mins

A Drone Wrapped Up in Flying Carpets 2012 6mins 6secs
Riaz Mehmood (Pakistan/Canada)

Travelling Fields 2009 9mins
Inger Lise Hansen (Norway)

Finding My Own Tongue 1999 8mins
Ian Joyce (Ireland)

Chiatura, my pride 2011 13mins
Stephanie Endter, Max Kuzmenko, Lisa Muller, Ulrike Penk, Kajetan Tadrowski

Shades of Gray 1 2012 58secs
Alexander Hahn (Switzerland)

8 crossings 2008 5mins 20secs
Pauliina Salminen (Finland)

ECHO-LOGO (Polar Projects) 2003 7mins 49secs
Phil Dadson (New Zealand)

My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day 2011 6mins 18secs
Heba Amin (Egypt)

Untitled #44 2009 1min
Stefan Riebel (Germany)

7.45pm programme 4 
2 films 51 mins

Desert Rose 1996 26mins
Cordelia Swann (UK/USA)

Reaching the Stars 2011 25mins
Hubert Czerepok (Poland)

move to upstairs cafe for refreshments
9.00pm – discussion and Q&A with filmmakers

CLOSE 10.00pm

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