Center of Contemporary Art Tbilisi

At Tbilisi Center Of Contemporary Art, we had the pleasure to meet Bruce Allan, curator of “Difference Screen” project. After a short introduction, he started film screening – I didn`t expect my ordinary day to become such an interesting journey through different parts of the world…
It`s so strange to discover again, the forgotten feeling, that there may be borders, you may sometimes feel as a stranger in the foreign land, people differ in general -but there are so many common, similar things, that make the main message so understandable, so clear.
The variety of artistic approach impressed me much: “Travelling Fields” by Inger Lise Hansen , “A Drone Wrapped Up in Flying Carpets” by Riaz Mehmood and others… I liked Daniel Brefin`s “Hollywood”, It`s amazing, how exactly he expressed the character of some Kutaisi inhabitants and their social environment (Kutaisi is a city in Georgia). I even thought, that the author was Georgian, before I learned about him.
Each film, has it`s own, very individual visual and conceptual side. “Al Hissan the Jenin Horse” by Thomas Kilpper and “My love for you, Egypt, increases by the day” by Heba Amin were very interesting for me. I hear lots of information from TV day by day, sometimes you think you have a general notion about some events, but after seeing these films, I felt the emotional background of given places from an absolutely different point of view.
The project united so many stories, impressions, it throws you in lots of different sides, but brings you so close to the people, to each other. I often remember extracts from the films, some pictures, certain expressions… they seem so different, but with still so much in common.

Nuka Megrelishvili, Artist,
Student, CCAT.

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