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Displaced, Mendelsohnhalle, Luckenwalde, Germany 12 June – 12 July 2015

Schlachten International Contemporary Arts Festival invited Difference Screen to curate films for Displaced, this year’s festival theme focusing on displacement, the zeitgeist of the moment. Issues concerning migration are huge, pressing, and remain unresolved within the European Union. The invitation to take part in Displaced came from Dan Farberoff an organiser of the festival, who has also worked with Difference Screen since its inception. Dan made our website and continues to assist with technical issues behind the scenes. Sourcing films about displacement was a challenge and we are grateful to Neville Gabie, Abrie Fourie and Marie-Hélène Gutberlet for their advice on films from Africa. Fifteen new works were added

Schlachten – Displaced, Luckenwalde, Germany

The tent auditorium, Mendelsohnhalle, 28.06.15 Two afternoon screenings in the Schlachten “Difference Screen – Displaced” presentation in Luckenwalde at the end of June 2015 crystallised my views on immigration policy in the EU and USA. Believing as I do that international policy pursued by the USA, NATO and their allies over the last 50 years is substantially the reason for the current strife in the middle east and to a significant degree in Africa, I now see that the only moral position for the west is to welcome all immigrants and refugees. My growing awareness over the last few years that a large proportion of current global difficulties arise out