Bruce Checefsky

Title: Pharmacy
Directed by Bruce Checefsky
Produced by Seesaw Pictures
Camera: Laszlo Laszlo Revesz
Sound: silent
Duration: 04:36
Format: original format 35mm
Language: without words
Production date: 2001
Production country: USA


A 35mm/black & white abstract photogram film Pharmacy is based on Stefan and Francizsk Themersons influential 1930 abstract photogram film Apteka. The Themerson’s are considered the most influential filmmakers of the Polish avant-garde of pre-WWII Europe. A stunning black and white abstract film, Pharmacy is a chaotic, anarchic assemblage of chemistry lab measuring cups and spoons, various size test tubes, tweezers, eyeglasses, and a cornucopia of transparent pharmaceutical equipment seen as shadows only. Filmed in Budapest using a 1930s single frame camera, black and white film, and a reconstruction of the Themerson’s trick table based on an original drawing made by Stefan Themerson in the 1970’s.

Bruce Checefsky biography:


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