Author: Bruce Allan

Difference Screen in India: Bangalore-Jorhat-Dimapur-Guwahati-Santiniketan-Calcutta

Difference Screen presented 11 screenings in India in a fast moving programme beginning at Bangalore before moving to the North East – Assam, Nagaland, Santiniketan and Calcutta. If Difference Screen is a celebration of difference, then India with its diversity of peoples, cultures, languages and religions represents difference unparalleled elsewhere. Bangalore is the IT capital of India, considered by many to be its most happening city. Our invitation to screen in Bangalore came through artist Surekha, whose work internationally has included Spike Island, Bristol and the Asian Triennial, Manchester. Surekha has also been instrumental in assisting with artists’ workshops through Khoj India and the Triangle Trust and the development of

Arnolfini, Bristol – some thoughts

Arnolfini, Bristol, 6 September 2015 Many thanks to Difference Screen for putting on this presentation – an eclectic mix of international short films on the theme of landscape, identity and culture – at Arnolfini, Bristol recently. I was at times amused, unsettled and curious and at others completely non-plussed and irritated. A thought provoking and thoroughly agreeable way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Interested to hear that a selection of films had been taken on tour in Mongolia, I wondered (out loud) how it had been received (well, apparently) and who had seen it? It had been a joint venture with Nine Dragon Heads and together they had managed to

Lovely Days

LOVELY DAYS The idea and the ambition around starting Video days in Bol was to open a dialogue with a broad audience, familiarize the public with contemporary art and to entice curiosity. This is precisely why I believe that Bol and summertime present the ideal setting for commencing the cycle; due to my personal connections with the village of Bol, the landscape and the people, but also due to the fact that Bol is not merely a well-known tourist destination but also a cultural one, ever since the times of Italian artist Tintoretto whose painting “Madonna and Child” has been a part of the collection of Dominican Monastery in Bol

Quartair, Den Haag 3,4,5, July

‘a platform for production, presentation and artistic debate’ 2 July. On one of the hottest days of the year we boarded IC 146 Berlin – Hannover – Amersfoort – Utrecht Centraal – Den Haag, an old train. The air conditioning began to fail somewhere before Hannover. Staff brought boxes of bottled water and moved us from one carriage to another. Later as it became apparent it wasn’t an isolated carriage without a/c, the system packed up altogether and getting hotter and going ever more slowly we eventually came to a stop at Rheine, where a sorry mass of confused people evacuated the train and were left wondering what to

Abteilung für Alles Andere, Ackerstraße 18 / Berlin-Mitte

Difference Screen presented at Abteilung für Alles Andere on Wednesday 1 July 2015. An artists’ run space for 25 years Ackerstraße 18 has a particular niche in the Berlin art scene; the Abteilung is run by Stefan Riebel and his sister Ulrike. ‘On the occasion of the 25th birthday of the “Künstlerhaus am Acker!” and the 5th birthday of the “Institut für Alles Mögliche”, we take a look back at the history of the building at number 18 Ackerstraße, where the Institut has been based since 2011.’ Although he was unable to attend we began the evening with Stefan’s work untitled #81 The programme featured a selection of works

Displaced, Mendelsohnhalle, Luckenwalde, Germany 12 June – 12 July 2015

Schlachten International Contemporary Arts Festival invited Difference Screen to curate films for Displaced, this year’s festival theme focusing on displacement, the zeitgeist of the moment. Issues concerning migration are huge, pressing, and remain unresolved within the European Union. The invitation to take part in Displaced came from Dan Farberoff an organiser of the festival, who has also worked with Difference Screen since its inception. Dan made our website and continues to assist with technical issues behind the scenes. Sourcing films about displacement was a challenge and we are grateful to Neville Gabie, Abrie Fourie and Marie-Hélène Gutberlet for their advice on films from Africa. Fifteen new works were added

Schlachten – Displaced, Luckenwalde, Germany

The tent auditorium, Mendelsohnhalle, 28.06.15 Two afternoon screenings in the Schlachten “Difference Screen – Displaced” presentation in Luckenwalde at the end of June 2015 crystallised my views on immigration policy in the EU and USA. Believing as I do that international policy pursued by the USA, NATO and their allies over the last 50 years is substantially the reason for the current strife in the middle east and to a significant degree in Africa, I now see that the only moral position for the west is to welcome all immigrants and refugees. My growing awareness over the last few years that a large proportion of current global difficulties arise out

DE LICEIRAS 18 Porto, Portugal

DIFFERENCE SCREEN The itinerant mini-festival of independent short movies / Um mini-festival itineránte de curta metragens independentes Wednesday, 15th of April / Quarta-feira, 15 do Abril Thursday, 16th of April / Quinta-feira, 16 do Abril 19h30 – Dinner / Jantar 20h30 – Screening / Projeção After the screening a possible discussion / Depois da sessão possível a discussão Entrance free, limited places. / Entrada livre, lugares limitados. Reservations / Inscrições:


DIFFERENCE SCREEN AT KINO UMJETNIKA , Museum of Contemporary Art Zagreb Artists’ Cinema or Kino umjetnika is an ongoing project and a screening program series that takes place at the Gorgona Hall, a cinema, a theatre, a multi purpose auditorium located at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, established in 2012. Kino umjetnika / Artists Cinema has been developed to introduce contemporary artists and their cinematic and video works, created at the meeting point of contemporary art and cinema, film and visual arts, presenting recent production of film/video outside the context of social production of entertainment and spectacle. Visiting artists and curators are invited to introduce and discuss the

Groupe Intervention Video, Montreal 29.10.2014

GIV It is 2015 and Groupe Intervention Vidéo, GIV for short, is now 40 years old. For this anniversary, we are planning a series of screenings and exhibitions that will take place throughout the year. For over 20 years, we have been collaborating with curators and collectives to present video programs. It seems fitting that one of the last curated screenings GIV hosted in 2014 was DIFFERENCE SCREEN. Bruce Allan and Ben Eastop put together an international program of works by women. I took a few notes during the screening but I felt it was more important to watch. The program was strong. It flowed. Each work seemed to