Anton Kats

Title: Radio Delo
Directed and produced by Anton Kats
Duration: 12:56
Format: Digital video
Language: Ukranian/Russian
Subtitles: English
Production date: 2012
Production country: Ukraine/Germany

Radio Delo

Radio Delo draws upon the everyday life of an 83-year-old Ukrainian man, who as a minor lied about his age in order to volunteer for war against Germany as a wireless radio operator. Still bound to the radio 66 years later, the stories of his life during war and afterwards mingle with the absurd and incredible news that are heard from the radio playing. Rooted in the everyday, this practical and useful exploration of Radio emphasises a methodological routine as a practice of momentary and its potential to carry out significant political processes.

Radio voice:
It is very reasonable to us that only extensive, private investments can solve the strategic tasks of modernization of our country. Naturally no national policy measures, no national budgetary resources and administrative decisions can replace the hard work of private enterprises. Precisely their doings change the character of our economy step by step and formulate its innovative look. Prime Minister Vladimir Putin

Anton Kats is an artist, musician and dancer based in London. His practice addresses institutions being depository of knowledge to reveal forms of learning necessary to generate useful knowledge in the everyday. For this reason Kats engages with structures of self-organisation and self-education, marginalised people and the non-normative. Currently he is a PhD candidate at the Goldsmiths College conducting a practice-based research project, which derives from and investigates the methodologies within the field of Artistic Research as Pedagogy. Among diverse tools, he uses video to document his investigation. In the case of Radio Delo Kats offers an intimate insight into the moments of rupture in Post-Soviet Russia and the Ukraine and their political and socio-economic processes.


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