Andrew Darke

Title: Ownership
Directed and produced by Andrew Darke with members of Yorkley Court Community Farm
Duration: 18:00
Format: 16:9
Sound: Andrew Darke
Camera: Andrew Darke, Frank White, Siobhan Fedden
Language: spoken English and English text
Production date: 2015
Production country: UK
Special thanks: Yorkley Court Community Farm


Ownership – “if we don’t believe in it – then already we are living outside of it.” Hannah, member of the Yorkley Court Community Farm speaks of the ‘con – cept’ which currently blights millions of lives. The film gives a sense of the three year struggle by the community group which occupied a farm caught in a 40 year legal bind over ownership in Gloucestershire in the UK. The group is still living there despite ongoing legal cases and eviction orders. Their hope and intention is to open the farm to all and return it to common land.


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