Alexander Hahn

Title: Shades of Grey 1
Directed and produced by Alexander Hahn
Duration: 00:58
Format: HD video
Language: without words
Production date: 2012
Production country: US

Shades of Grey 1
A video vignette, shot on Dec 20, 2010. A tongue of water squiggles across the train window; outside, a snowy Baden-Württemberg landscape near Karlsruhe, where I was visiting my friend Jupp. In retrospect, the melancholy mood in the video feels like a portent of death because it would be the last time I saw Jupp alive.

I record, review, filter, archive, retrieve and assemble – much like the workings of a dream. I practice without preconceived ideas. Alert and attentive in every instance, I follow impulse, chance and coincidence to make the invisible visible through the electronic image. The linear time line in my work is no more. There are always several pieces in progress, some require an extended period of gestation, while others come into existence instantly, almost by merely pressing the record button – at the right time.

Alexander Hahn | Electronic Media Artist | Born in Rapperswil/Switzerland in 1954 | lives and works in New York | subject of many solo exhibitions, e.g: Harvestworks, New York (2012), San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2008), Kunstmuseum Solothurn/Switzerland (2007), Museum der Moderne, Salzburg/Austria (2007), Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Ferrara/Italy (2007), Musée Jenisch, Vevey/Switzerland (2002), Kunstmuseum Bern/Switzerland (1997), Galeria Foksal, Warsaw/Poland (1996), International Center of Photography, New York (1995), Kunsthaus Zürich/Switzerland (1995), DAAD Galerie, Berlin/Germany (1994) | Select awards: New York State Council on the Arts Grant, Zurich Work Award, Swiss Federal Grant, World Wide Video Festival Installation Award, The Hague/The Netherlands, Festival International du Jeune Vidéo Grand Prix, Montréal/Canada, DAAD Berlin Fellow, Work of Excellence, Tokyo Video Festival


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