Aakar Arts,
TRP Road, Jorhat, Assam

Saturday 14 November 2015 4.30pm

Programme 1

Stand Here! 2010 5:00
Csaba Nemes (Hungary)
– Hungarian with English Subtitles –
5 lessons and 9 questions about Chinatown 2009 10:00
Shelly Silver (USA)
– spoken English and Chinese with English and Chinese texts –

8 crossings 5:20
Pauliina Salminen (Finland) 2008
– English subtitles-
A Drone Wrapped Up in Flying Carpets 2012 06:06
Riaz Mehmood (Pakistan/Canada)
– Pashto with English subtitles –
Russian KAMA3 2011 03:31
Adad Hannah (Canada)
-without words –

Walk of the Three Chairs 10:00
Breda Beban (Serbia/UK)
with a traditional Balkan song ‘Who Does Not Know How To Suffer Does Not Know How to Love’ performed by the Jova Band
Hollywood 2004 12:20
Daniel Brefin (Switzerland)
– Georgian with English subtitles –

Lénine en pensant 2005 06:36
Sophie Nys (Belgium)
– English subtitles –
Mantra 5:30 2006
Gordana Andjelic-Galic (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Q/A with co-curator Bruce Allan


Programme 2

Sunday 15 November 2015 4.30pm

Last People 2006 61mins
Alexander Rekviashvili
35mm converted to video

– without words –

In memory of Tsutsa Rekviashvili
Last People is a beautifully shot documentary portrait of Gebi, a high village in Upper Racha province, Georgia. Gebi is populated by old people and may be abandoned soon. Film director Alexander Rekviashvili came from the next town. Last People is his only documentary. He has made several feature films.